Top Tips to Save Money on Flights and Hotels

It is fair to say that the two biggest expenses of a vacation are flights and hotels, are you doing enough to bring down the costs? There are many little hacks which you can use to greatly reduce the cost of both hotels and flights when you travel, it just takes a little bit of knowledge and some patience. The days of package holidays are dying out and rightly so as more and more tourists are realizing that they can save a lot more money on their trip if they book up independently. If you are still using the traditional route of a travel agent then why not give these hacks a try on your next trip, to see if you can save some money versus the price which the agent is charging.

Let’s have a look then at just some of the ways that you can reduce the costs of flying to your destination, and on the hotel which you stay in when you get there.


The airline market is fiercely competitive which is why so many are lowering their fares and giving travelers the chance to reach more destinations with ease, and at a far lower price than previously. Let’s see how you may be able to make the most of it.


There are some websites which are called flight aggregators and what they do is search the web for you, in order to bring you the best prices available. The best of the bunch is easily and all you need to do is head to the site, input your destination and the dates of your travel, and then watch it do its work. Within seconds the site will search every airline and 3rd party company to bring you the lowest fares for your trip, which almost always outweigh any other prices which you may find.


Most of us will ‘opt-out’ whenever a site tells us that they want to email us with promotional messages, but in the case of airlines and aggregators it makes a lot of sense to to opt-in, as they will be able to tell you instantly when there is a price drop, a promotion or even a fare error by the airline which you can take advantage of.

Credit Cards

Make the most out of your spending by using a credit card which offers air miles as a benefit. In doing this every time you spend money you can earn air miles which you can then use to greatly reduce the cost of your next flight. Remember that you are going to be spending this money anyway, so why not get more bang for your buck and earn miles at the same time?


Hotels aren’t the only choice of accommodation of course but they are still a firm favorite with many and despite what some may say, there are many ways in which you can save a bundle on your hotel costs.

No Percentage

Much like with flying, aggregators do exist which seek to bring you the best deals, and you can save even more on those prices if you are savvy. Let’s say that a hotel has a nightly price of £90 and the 3rd party aggregator has found you a room for £80, you may think that a £10 saving isn’t too bad. You have to remember however that hotels are paying commission to these 3rd party sites, let’s assume that to be 10% although it is almost always higher. Now if you offer the hotel £70 per night, they very often will accept, as they will still be making the same money, that gives you a saving of £20 per night on the room price, a great saving per night.


If there is a certain chain of hotels which you enjoy staying with then sign up to a loyalty scheme with them – almost all the big chains offer this. In doing this you can get discounted rooms, cashback on your stays and many other offers which are exclusively for members, and those who have spent many nights with the hotel.

Book Late

Late bookings on transport will almost always mean that you are paying higher prices, but with hotels this is not the case. Hotels do not want empty rooms and the later that you leave it, the lower the price that you can count on. Hold your nerve until a week or a few days before traveling, and you may very well find that you save a bundle on your hotel stay.

Follow these tips for your next trip and just watch how much money you can save.