Socialising At Work – How And Why People Do It

When we think about work and our colleagues, some of us may be filled with dread or frustration which might be justified, but even more of us think about a funny joke we were told or about the next office night out. With more and more people making the move into the office world in the likes of central London and other major cities, it only makes sense that we make the effort to get along with our colleagues. After all, we do spend much of our weeks with them! With many companies using Pall Mall Estates to find their perfect central London office space, you can rest assured that the heart of London is the place to be when it comes to office life. But what are the most popular ways to connect with colleagues? Check out the top ways studies have shown that people like to hang out with their work friends below!

Friday Nights/Weekends

A recent survey done to around 600 people in the UK came back with some surprising results when it comes to weekends and Friday night meetups with colleagues. While it may seem in some places that Fridays are the thing everyone can’t wait for when it comes to hitting the pub to tie a few on a surprising mere 10% of respondents said they like to socialise at weekends with their colleagues. This was surprising as around 55% of those who were polled said they liked their colleagues and enjoy spending time with them, but purely on an ‘in work’ situation only.


One of the most popular ways that people have said they like to socialise with their colleagues is through organised work functions such as office parties. Christmas parties, for example, often prove to be hugely popular options for those who like to socialise with colleagues but want something still relatively controlled and formal – not like hitting the bar on a Friday night. A whopping 64% of those polled have said they prefer office parties or functions to a canteen or pub get together. While all options have their time and place, it’s interesting to see why and how people prefer to socialise with their colleagues.

The Social Ladder

Which brings us to our next point. Did you know that a shocking 42% of people socialise in order to get in good with their superiors and try to wrangle a pay rise? 21% of people said they do it in order to get a promotion, which makes it seem like there are often ulterior motives to that after work pint at the local with the colleagues. While everyone likes to let loose on occasion, it’s clear that there are two sides to every story, even if people seem like they are coming out for that Friday drink for the fun times, they could be thinking about how it’s helping them climb the social ladder in the office. Nothing wrong with that either – after all, a lot of promotions include a bit of schmoozing with the higher ups, so why not?

So there you have a couple of really interesting results in regard to why people socialise with their colleagues and in what way. Check out this cool infographic below for more details and information about socialising in and out of work.