Office Spaces And You – How You Can Make Your Office Your Own

When it comes to work spaces both at home and in the office, it can be really fun to get your own little area to decorate as you will. Making your work space your own can really help alleviate stress, fatigue and can help you remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. The whole concept of decorating a work space is an exciting one, and around the world many people have amazing examples of how they have made their cubicles or desks their own with brands such as Furniture At Work. But what options are there to create the perfect #MyDeskStory for your work space? Check out these top ideas below!


Pictures, especially framed pictures actually on the desk itself or hung on the walls surrounding the work area are common. Whether it’s a nice photo from a family holiday, photos of your spouse/partner/girl or boyfriend or children, this is a great way to make a space your own. Photos of relatives and family can help you relieve stress as well, by looking at pictures of familiar faces, we are automatically eased and can refocus our efforts to get through a trying day.


Depending on the type of poster and whether you’re working in a home office or a corporate office depends on what posters you should and shouldn’t consider having. If working from home you have a bit more leeway with your choices, unless of course you host clients in your home office. In that case, err on the side of caution and keep any posters generic and pleasant – such as the famous cat on a washing line with the words ‘Hang In There Baby!’.


These are one of the most popular ways to make  any space you own, regardless of whether it’s your own home office or you’re in a corporate environment. Calendars come in all shapes, sizes and types from one day at a time comic ones such as ‘Peanuts’ or ‘Dilbert’ to wall ones featuring beautiful photography. These days as well through websites like VistaPrint, you can make your own calendars featuring your own photography from family events, holidays or just photos of whatever you want. A tip though – keep it tasteful if in a corporate environment or if you host clients.


Not only is bringing a bit out of outdoors indoors a great idea to help regenerate your energy, but it also has been proven to increase oxygen which in turn helps blood flow and boosts immunity, energy and other key chemicals in the body to help us keep going at our maximum potential. Great options for offices include easy to care for plants like spider ivy, golden pothos, bamboo and ferns. Adding a bit of green to your office space is guaranteed to boost your mood.

Personal Touches

Finally, personal touches are a great way to really make a space your own. Trinkets, small gifts from a loved one like a special photo frame or decoration, a rock you found on holiday and the like are all really cool ways to add tasteful, simple additions to a work space. A great suggestion too is the use of crystals – if that’s your kind of thing. Even if it isn’t, adding crystals can make a space look really interesting, pretty and inviting. Try black obsidian or jet – two black crystals which are believed to absorb negativity. Rose quartz is great for a calming environment and anything green such as green aventurine or jade can help bring prosperity and abundance.

So there you have a great collection of ways you can make a work space your own space without needing to break the bank. How will you make a space your own? We’d love to hear from you!