How Pet Hemp Oils Can Help Your Dog

In recent years we have discovered a huge amount about the cannabis plant, far beyond the recreational benefits which we all know about. In fact the medical benefits of this plant are absolutely incredible and that extends beyond humans too. That’s right, we now have pet hemp oils which you can use to treat a huge range of issues with your pet.

To help you understand a little more just how beneficial pet hemp oils can be, let’s take a look at just some of the health issues which it can tackle in your dog.


Anxiety in dogs can be heartbreaking for owners and whether the trigger is fireworks, thunder or even being left alone it can be traumatic for dog and owner alike. Thankfully we have a solution and hemp oil has been proven to greatly reduced anxiety in pets. With a small dose of hemp oil your dog will no longer be petrified come the 4th of July fireworks or when a thunderstorm kicks in, they will remain calm and relaxed. This is great news for any owner who hates to see their dog running around like crazy and trembling at sound of a thunderclap or the banging of a firework.

Old Bones

CBD is the cannabinoid compound which is found in hemp oil and recent studies have found that this can be used very effectively in the treatment of dogs with severe pain in their joints. Usually dogs that are affected by this are older dogs who’s bones are creaking with the and they often have issues such as rheumatism and arthritis. Through the use of this oil dogs can really get some relief from their joint pain and regular administration of the oil will result in a dog that is far more mobile and in much less pain.


It is still early days in the research process but early indications have shown that hemp oil can drastically reduce the size of tumors in the body of the dog and can also greatly help with the symptoms of cancer. Of course there is still a huge amount of work to be done before we can declare hemp oil as a cure for cancer but the early indications look very promising indeed.

Immune System

Dogs can, and generally do, pick up all manner of infections and diseases and most dogs have a very strong immune system which can fight off any kind of bacteria. When a dog’s immune system is low however they can contract diseases far easier and the effects of these diseases will be much worse. If you give your dog hemp oil however you can help them to raise their defenses which will fight off more diseases and help them to fight off infections and bacterias which enter their body.

If you want to improve your dog’s health then look no further than hemp oil.