Free Background Checks – Why You Should Always Check People Out Before Hiring

Many companies online now offer free background checks which you can use as part of your recruitment process giving you no excuse to miss out this vital part of hiring new members of your team. Many businesses fail to carry out background checks on their staff and in doing so they are opening themselves up to a huge array of potential issues. There are many companies offering great deals on this service and even free background checks will cover a person’s criminal, education, driving, work and credit history and they can help you to find out more about the person who you are thinking about hiring. If you don’t believe that this is necessary here is why it is in fact extremely important.


If you want to hire ex-convicts and ex-criminals then this is of course entirely up to you, either way you should always hire someone with your eyes wide open about who they are and what they may have done. If someone doesn’t declare a criminal history and you accept it as being true, when win fact they do have a criminal history, you are putting yourself in danger. The reason for this is that if this person once again commits a crime in your business, it is you who will be held accountable as you failed to carry out a background check.

Jail Time

This maybe an extreme example but it has actually happened to business owners in the past, the case of corporate manslaughter. Imagine that you hire a driver for your logistics company and they have a terrible history of traffic violations and accidents, which they failed to mention on their application form. If you have failed to perform a background check and that person has an accident which causes a death, you can actually be held responsible because of your failure to carry out your due diligence. You may think that a background check doesn’t carry with it much importance but the reality can in fact be very different.

Time Equals Money

Hiring the wrong person of staff for the job can happen and when it does it can be frustrating but often you may have had good intentions and simply been let down by the person, it happens. Bring someone based on skills and qualifications which they say they have when in fact they don’t on the other hand, will cause the business to waste huge amounts of time and resources when it could have been easily avoided. A background check will be able to validate someone’s claims as to what educational history they have, and you will be able to see very quickly whether or not they actually do have the requirements that you are looking for in a candidate. Wasted time and resources will cost your company money in training and recruitment, yet you can avoid it all with a simple background check.

Don’t get caught out, do your due diligence and check out anyone who you want to come and work with you.