Epic Summer Day Trips From Toronto


Thinking about Canada for your holiday next summer? You aren’t alone! Who doesn’t want to go and check out Canada with its majestic wilderness, wildlife and more? With so many things to see and do in this huge, vast country, it’s easy to get carried away making list after list of things you want to experience, often finding that they’re on entirely opposite ends of the second largest country in the world, throwing a bit of a wrench in the mix. Never fear! We’ve put together some of the best summer day trips you can do from the popular city destination, Toronto!

Niagara Falls

One of the most desired tourist hot spots in the entire nation, Niagara Falls in the southern tip of Ontario on the border with New York is not just a tourist hot spot, but also one of the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls in the world. Millions of cubic feet of water pour over these mighty falls each second, resulting in a soaking spray. Best seen from the Canadian side, the falls are also famous for occasionally freezing in the winter, creating a true piece of natural art that has to be seen to believe, While it doesn’t happen every winter, when it does it’s impressive enough to even get the locals out to see it. Come in summer and enjoy a boat tour close to the main falls themselves – but definitely take the tour operators up on their rain jacket offer. You will need it.


This beautiful, French inspired city is the capital of the province of Quebec and is only a mere three hour drive from Toronto. While to some that doesn’t constitute a day trip, to Canadians, it’s got all the makings of a great one! Just be sure to add three hours either side of your outing for the trip back. Or extend your stay. You might want to anyway. Be sure to check out the old town of Montreal, especially the island in the St Lawrence. Home to many a historical Canadian event, you won’t want to miss this gorgeous, almost European city. Come for the history, stay for the food .


The capital of Canada, Ottawa is a much smaller city than Montreal or Toronto and is also about a three hour drive. Home to the beautiful Canadian Parliament building as well as its own smaller old town quarter, Ottawa is a great place to learn about Canada as a whole as well as to get out of the craziness of Toronto but still be in a city. Stroll the Parliament grounds and take a load off in one of the city’s many parks with a picnic.

The Lakes

Probably one of the main reasons you’d come to this part of Canada, the Great Lakes offer no end to summer activities. With watersports galore and thousands of cabin accommodations to choose from up and down each of the lakes, there’s no better way to truly unwind and wind down after any trip to Toronto. The Great Lakes hold the most collective freshwater on the planet, so they aren’t just enjoyable for the fun reasons listed above, but they’re also seriously impressive!

So there you have a couple of great summer day trip ideas that anyone can take from Toronto. While having a car is recommended, it’s not always a necessity as this part of the country does have fairly good inter-city transportation, but it does make things easier. Enjoy!