6 Ways Meditation Will Help Your Romantic Relationship


These days it seems meditation is all the rage, and for good reason. This process of closing your eyes and totally relaxing the mind and inner chatter has a whole host of benefits for not just yourself, but the people around you as well. The more you meditate, the more benefits you will see from this very simple practice. Keeping in mind that it’s better to do one minute a day than an hour every week, having a consistent practice will help you reap the benefits as well. But what are the benefits to meditation and how can they help your relationship? Check out these great six ways below.

You Work On Yourself

Working on yourself is integral to maintaining any kind of relationship health. It’s not always the other person’s fault and sometimes you are actually ‘the toxic person’. Using meditation to get back in touch with your inner self amid all the chaos and stress in your life can help you realise where you need to apply focus – be it on communication, your actions or your speech.

You’re Less Stressed

Meditation is clinically proven to lessen stress and fatigue. Through the full relaxation of all the body and the mind, the inner chatter or inner noise actually quiets itself for awhile. Many people have what is referred to as ‘monkey mind’ – where the brain flits from one thought to the next and tries to keep us engaged so that we keep it entertained and we keep listening. By quieting our minds, we let stresses go and realise that we can truly be at peace – even for five minutes a day.

Better Management Of Your Reactions

When you’re less stressed you’re more likely to think twice about how you react to certain triggers. You might find that meditation helps you control your usual impulse to fly off the handle at the smallest issues, something that can damage relationships steadily over time. Meditating is a great way to help you take a step back and evaluate your actions in the waking world.

Better Communication

Getting back in touch with yourself means you will probably dredge up things from the past you thought you buried – old memories, feelings and more. Getting in touch with real, honest feelings about yourself and your life can help improve communication with partners, friends, spouses and more and will leave you willing to share more with those you love, allowing everyone to get closer to you. This also helps you tune into other people deep down, resulting in more meaningful communication.

Improved Empathy

As you explore deeper meditation you will find that you come to understand the interconnectedness of everything in the world and how everything works in tandem to operate to maximum efficiency, including us humans. Empathy is the understanding and feeling of other people’s emotions and emotional state, an inner knowing of just knowing when something is off. This is often referred to as being empathic, but just being able to ‘get’ someone’s state of mind is incredibly important to having meaningful conversations and relationships.

Enhanced Intuition and Insight

Meditation also helps develop both intuition and insight into ourselves and the world at large. The development of empathy towards others will help us connect the dots as to how everyone and everything in the world is just like us – living, breathing and feeling. This will help you become more in tune with others, with animals and with nature. Some people report that following developing a meditative practice they are able to just know when someone is going to phone them, when a storm is brewing and more strange things. Meditation can help us trust our ‘gut feelings’ – essentially intuition and allow us to make better choices in our lives.

In all, we can really begin to change our relationships first by changing ourselves and one of the easiest, most non-invasive ways we can do that is through meditation. Does it sound like something you’d like to try? We’d love to hear how you find it!