5 Destinations Around the World Where Hippies Will Feel At Home


Are you a hippie, or do you feel like you really dig the subculture and want to experience a bit of the hippie life for yourself? Maybe you’ve always dreamt of hitting the road to those awesome, famous hippie hangouts of yore but something stopped you. But what are you waiting for? Some of the best hippie spots are still out there, just waiting for you to come and explore them! Check out our top five hippie haven destinations!

Dharmasala, India

A small mountain town in northern India, Dharmasala is a hippie haven due in part to its chilled out vibe, copious access to marijuana (although that isn’t a necessity to be a hippie) and huge amounts of spiritual things to do. From Vinyasa or Hatha yoga all the way up to Vipassana meditation retreats, the spirit seeker will find no end of delightful things to see and do here, often allowing them to get ‘stuck’ here for months. Ayurvedic courses are available as are yoga retreats that can turn into teacher training and the possibility of staying in ashrams – a monastery where spiritual schooling is available long term. Despite being the wettest place in India due to its location, it nonetheless is beautiful and deeply spiritual, attracting people from all walks of life who come to experience the vibe for themselves.

Dahab, Egypt

Dahab means ‘Gold’ in Arabic, and when you arrive in this quaint town on the coast of the Red Sea on the Sinai peninsula, it’s easy to see why it’s been given such an important moniker. With Saudi Arabia visible most days just over the water, kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, yoga, meditation and other spiritual healing classes or events all set amid a back drop of a truly mutlicultural and environmentally conscious population and you have all the makings for a hippie mecca. People who come to Dahab say there’s something in the air, and with it being right near the throat chakra of the planet, Mount Sinai, many report their intuition is heightened and they have strange synchronistic events occur once they accept Dahab with open arms. Be warned though – many a traveller who has claimed to come for a two or three week holiday often end up becoming part of the background and stay for months or even years.

Slab City, California

Touted as ‘The Last Free Place In America’, Slab City is located just near the Salton Sea, near Niland, California, placed on and around some old concrete slabs that used to house various military hardware and buildings, earning it its name ‘Slab City’. The settlement is effectively a huge artists squat, with people from all walks of life being able to walk along and claim a bit of land for themselves and set up a camp. Artists come from around the world to add to the backdrop of trash art and recycling is huge here – but not in the usual big city way. You will find almost everything made of trash, and used exceptionally well. If you want a real experience of living, breathing art, come to Slab City.

Don Det, Laos

Way down in south Laos is a place known as the 4000 islands and in this small area is an island region known as Don Det. Don Det has always attracted hippies for its laid back lifestyle, chilled vibes, easy going locals and travellers and the large host of things to do. From river kayaking to dolphin spotting to fishing and motorbiking around the island, there’s enough to do to keep you entertained without being overwhelming. Want to just veg in a hammock? There’s always that too.

Salt Spring Island, Canada

Located off the coast of British Columbia, there is tell of a small community of hippies and artists who live side by side and create art and love all year round. With forest music parties, experimental art installations like huge netted hammocks where everyone can dog pile on top of each other and other strange but fun things to do, it’s no wonder a lot of hippie minded folk find their way to the island. People are super environmentally conscious here and many grow their own food, catch their own rain water and more, so you’re in for a real hippie treat!

There you have some truly cool hippie spots that will make you consider throwing off your dress clothes and donning your Dad’s ancient Levi’s that haven’t seen the light of day since 1974. With the hippie movement making a comeback, there’s never been a better time to check out how today’s hippies are making a go of things in some of the world’s most beautiful places.